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Ohio CCW Law

4 hour seminar on self defense laws in Ohio. awareness

Topics covered:

- Self defense case law

- Elements necessary to justify using deadly force

- The Castle Doctrine

- Ohio Revised Code 9.68

- Dealing with the Police

- The Aftermath

- what do I tell the Police?

What happens next?

- Ohio laws dealing with carrying a knife across the state


About the Instructor: girlwithhandgun

Lon Etchison,

BA in criminal justice from Cedarville University.

22 years in law enforcement.

Currently a Patrol Sergeant for an agency in Greene County.

Prior assignments include field training officer,

drug task force detective and general detective work.

Currently a Commander of the Greene County Regional SWAT Team.

OPOTA certified instructor in firearms and also legal topics for the Basic Police Academy.

Graduate of the Force Science Institute's Force Science Analysis course

and the Rangemaster Instructor Development course.

what to bring:




Upcoming Classes 

September 19nd 6pm

Defensive Training Solutions
2855 Stone Circle Dr. 
Troy, OH  45373

Price $30.00


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