National Safety Council First Aid CPR/AED

Our comprehensive courses have been designed using extensive research and educational testing to improve skill mastery and long-term retention. Courses are taught in a dynamic and hands-on way with industry-leading curriculum and content from the expert in occupational first aid training. And when you complete your NSC First Aid training, you can rest easy knowing that you have gained the skills and confidence you need to respond in an emergency.

Participants Learn How To:

✔ Acting in an Emergency

✔ Preventing Disease Transmission

✔ Check the Victim

✔ Recovery Position

✔ Choking

✔ Bleeding and Wound Care

✔ Shock

✔ Burns

✔ Bone, Joint and Muscle Injuries

✔ Head and Spine Injuries

✔ Sudden Illness

✔ Poisoning and Allergic Reactions

✔ Cold and Heat Emergencies

✔ CPR and AED

✔ Choking

✔ Rescuing and Moving VictimsNational Safety Council

Upcoming Classes (select class using drop-down menu below)

Defensive Training Solutions
2855 Stone Circle Dr. 
Troy, OH  45373

October 28th, 2018 1:00pm

December 2nd, 2018 1:00pm 

January 20th, 2019 1:00pm


Call Caryl Martin at 937/335-2998 

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