2 Day Defensive Handgun 2 Course/Toledo OH

2 Day Defensive Handgun 2 course
$250 per person 
PLUS $20 given as range fee to Fulton County Sportsmen Club the day of class, each student is responsible for this
Discount available, contact Maggie Shartzer or Caryl Martin for code to apply at checkout
Instructor: Bill Martin of Defensive Training Solutions (*see below)
October 26 & 27, 2019
Hosted by Fulton County Sportsmen Club in Wauseon, OH
This course will be using the SAFTD Defensive Handgun 2 course and the Defensive Handgun
2 Skill builders. This will be a fun learning experience with skilled and patient instructors that are
willing to make sure everyone has all the one-on-one time needed to be successful. You will
learn and have fun in this course.
SAFTD is the Second Amendment Foundation's Training Division.  SAFTD has developed a defensive program like no other national training organization; focused on the defensive use of handguns, shotguns and carbines in a proven accelerated curriculum and range exercises.
PRE-REQUISITE: Students need to have completed and passed a basic handgun class (ie, concealed carry class) and have basic knowledge of firearm fundamentals.  This is not a class for someone to take their "first shots" or who is a definite "beginner"...as students will be drawing from concealment, using movement and distances, among other more advanced training skills.   We are happy to discuss your skill and experience level if you are unsure, contact Caryl @ 937/335-2998 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
In this 2 Day class you will learn:
 Proper presentation of a firearm from an Open carry (not Concealed) holster
 Proper presentation from a concealed holster (Open front garment, and closed front
 Shooting from kneeling position, (Speed kneel, double kneel, supported kneel)
 Flanking step
 Checking your world 360°
 Shooting at distances from 4ft. to 25yds.
 Clearing stoppages
 Balance of speed and accuracy
 Reloading your handgun (speed reload, emergency reload, tactical reload)
 Shooting the 2019 FBI Qualification
 Shooting the OPOTA Pistol Qualification
 Mindset
 What to do after you use your firearm for self defense
 The Psychological effects of stress
 The Physiological effects of stress
Equipment Requirements:
 A quality handgun (Sub-compact guns like the LCP, P238, P938, Snubby revolvers, or the P380 are not permitted
in this course. If you wish to use these “Pocket guns”, please contact Bill Martin to discuss options)
 A quality holster that will allow one handed re-holstering (Leather or Kydex) (Holsters must not require the use of your trigger finger to disable the retention/Serpa Style)
 Belt
 A least 1 magazine pouch
 3-4 magazines
 Closed front cover garment
 Open front cover garment
 800 rounds of ammunition
 Safety glasses
 Hearing protection
 Ball cap
 Water
 Snacks
 Towel
 Knee pads (optional)
*The instructor for this course is Bill Martin, Lead Instructor at Defensive Training Solutions (DTS) in Troy, OH.  Traveling with Bill to assist with the class is Caryl Martin, Staff Instructor and Range Safety Officer at DTS.  Credentials and other info for both are listed here...https://www.defensivetrainingsolutions.com/general/meet-our-instructors.
Thank you for your interest in training with DTS.  We look forward to meeting you.

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