Hojutsu Open Hand Training Session

On the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month, we will be in the Dojo to work on the non-shooting skills related to this martial art.  The skills we will be working on will translate into a more efficient use of the firearms training we will be doing on the range days; these skills being handgun retention and unarmed fighting skills. 

We will also work on flexibility, strength, respect, and discipline.  Students will be required to learn traditional protocol and rules, the liniage of the system, terminology, safety rules, range commands and more. This is not a one and done course like most firearms courses, this is truly a system of Martial arts.  Please join us each week to learn more skills, and progress through the ranks. 

It will not be necessary for you to attend every session, but we suggest you come frequently.  A typical session will run from 6:30 pm-8:00pm.  You may choose to pay $7.50/ dojo session, or $10/month for both sessions.  (Please ask us about how to get reduced costs by combining payments for dojo and range and choosing monthly payments for individuals and families)


Some of the skills we will work on: 

  • High block
  • Middle punch
  • Protect high and low
  • Spear hand with downward open hand block
  • Pivot and Protect low and high with open hand
  • Back fist
  • Front snap kick
  • Parry including double parry
  • Palm heel strike
  • Twisting the hips to increase power and range
  • Elbow strike
  • Knee drive
  • Right hand parry with left hand open block
  • Elbow thrust
  • Basic (interview) stance
  • "Horse" stance
  • Pivots: left, right, reverse

Pistol in hand with blue gun 

  • Six step presentation
  • Guard position
  • Scan: left, right, rear
  • Sul for circular movement
  • Holster the pistol (always the same path)
  • Putting it all together Hojutsu Ichi No Kata 

Pistol in hand with handgun and dummy rounds

  • Tactical reload
  • Speed reload
  • Clearing malfunctions: types 1, 2, 3
  • Bring back to work area, complete task, then back out to guard


As in any martial art there are some equipment requirements.  You will not need these to get started, but you will need to aquire them soon after getting started.  We can offer many of these products to you at a special cost as Hojutsu students.  For more information on purchasing these productsCONTACT US.



  • Traditional Karate Uniform (Gi)
  • Quality Holster
  • Blue Training Gun
  • Dummy Rounds
  • Water Bottle



We have been asked a few questions about getting started, so here are some frequently asked questions with answers:


Q: How much experience do I need to get started in Hojutsu?

A: Hojutsu is a Martial art which will teach you the skills necessary to fight with your gun if you were ever required to do so.  As such, you will need to understand the 5 fundamentals of shooting prior to attending the first range session. The five fundamentals are AIMING, BREATH CONTROL, HOLD CONTROL/GRIP, TRIGGER CONTROL, and FOLLOW THROUGH.  A basic handgun fundamentals and safety course with a competent instructor should meet this requirement. This requirement applies to adults and youth alike.


Q: Do you offer a fundamentals and safety training course?

A: Here at Defensive Training Solutions, we offer 3 fundamental and safety training opportunities for handgun.

  1. SAFTD (Second Amendment Foundation Training Division) F.A.S.T. Handgun.
  2. Private Instruction/One-on-One training with certified instructor with emphasis on Hojutsu skills
  3. Basic Ohio CCW Course


Q: Can my children participate in Hojutsu?

A: We are very pleased to offer this to youth and adults. We would require a meeting with you and your child/children to determine their maturity level.  In most cases, children under the age of 13 do not have the maturity level to maintain the safety standards, and attention necessary... but there are exceptions to this and we will not rule any of them out prior to meeting with you and your children.


Q: Do I have to participate with my children?

 A: With very few exception, YES. It is very difficult to expect a child to follow rules and maintain the safety standards if the parent/guardian is not willing to do the same. For this reason, we expect the parents and youth to participate, and learn together.


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