Hojutsu Range Training

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, we will be offering the range training for Hojutsu, “The Art of Gunnery”.   As many students are new to this experience, we will be working specifically on the handgun techniques.  In the future we will add rifle, shotgun, and edged weapons.

Many of us have completed some type of firearms training, but we understand this training has not prepared us to use force in a defensive encounter.  We also understand that shooting is a perishable skill and needs to be practiced regularly.   If you want to work on skills like defensive accuracy, presentation from holster, addressing a threat that is not directly in front of you, shooting multiple threats, and shooting multiple shots in rapid succession...you may not be able to practice these on most public ranges.  By coming to Hojutsu training regularly, you will be able to use our private range under the supervision and guidance of skilled instructors who will not only teach you these skills, but will also be training at your side.

It will not be necessary for you to attend every session, but we suggest you come frequently.  A typical session will run from 6:30pm-8:00pm.  You may choose to pay $15/ range session, or get reduced costs by combining payments for dojo and range and choosing monthly payments for individuals and families)


Gear requirements for range sessions:

  • Handgun*
  • Sturdy Belt**
  • Quality Holster**
  • 2 spare Magazines (minimum)
  • 1-2 Magazine Carriers/Mag Pouches**
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • 50-100 rounds of ammunition per session

*Although it is suggested that a centerfire handgun is used for defensive shooting, we do allow the use of a .22 caliber handgun during these range sessions.  We want you to learn and improve, not break the bank.

**If you do not have a belt, holster or mag pouches, contact us, we will be more than happy to make them for you at a special rate for Hojutsu students. 



We have been asked a few questions about getting started, so here are some frequently asked questions with answers:


Q: How much experience do I need to get started in Hojutsu?

A: Hojutsu is a Martial art which will teach you the skills necessary to fight with your gun if you were ever required to do so.  As such, you will need to understand the 5 fundamentals of shooting prior to attending the first range session. The five fundamentals are AIMING, BREATH CONTROL, HOLD CONTROL/GRIP, TRIGGER CONTROL, and FOLLOW THROUGH.  A basic handgun fundamentals and safety course with a competent instructor should meet this requirement. This requirement applies to adults and youth alike.


Q: Do you offer a fundamentals and safety training course?

A: Here at Defensive Training Solutions, we offer 3 fundamental and safety training opportunities for handgun.

  1. SAFTD (Second Amendment Foundation Training Division) F.A.S.T. Handgun.
  2. Private Instruction/One-on-One training with certified instructor with emphasis on Hojutsu skills
  3. Basic Ohio CCW Course


    Q: Can my children participate in Hojutsu?

    A: We are very pleased to offer this to youth and adults. We would require a meeting with you and your child/children to determine their maturity level.  In most cases, children under the age of 13 do not have the maturity level to maintain the safety standards, and attention necessary... but there are exceptions to this and we will not rule any of them out prior to meeting with you and your children.


    Q: Do I have to participate with my children?

     A: With very few exception, YES. It is very difficult to expect a child to follow rules and maintain the safety standards if the parent/guardian is not willing to do the same. For this reason, we expect the parents and youth to participate, and learn together.

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