John Farnam's DTI Instructor Training


This is a two-day Program, designed to train competent Operators to be effective defensive handgun instructors.



Come to DTS and learn the art of instruction the legendary John Farnam.

John S. Farnam, president of Defensive Training International, is one of the top handgun instructors in the world. He has personally trained thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement personnel, as well as non-police, in the serious use of firearms. In addition, he has authored four books on the subject — “The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning,” “The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting,” “The Street Smart Gun Book,” and “Guns & Warriors – DTI Quips Volume 1.” (For all book orders, contact Vicki at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

In June of 1996, John was selected by his peers to receive the renowned “Tactical Advocate of the Year” award from the National Tactical Association. In April of 2009, he was inducted into Black Belt Magazine’s “Living Legends”.

Vicki L Farnam, teaching with her husband, John, has developed a powerful program for helping male instructors to be effective with female students. This controversial subject has brought Vicki into contact with many federal enforcement agencies as well as others on state and local levels. Her success has been phenomenal, and she is changing the thinking of the training industry worldwide. Her books, “Teaching Women to Shoot: A Law Enforcement Instructor’s Guide”, and “Women Learning to Shoot: A Guide for Law Enforcement Officers”, are widely regarded as authoritative texts on the subject. (For all book orders, contact Vicki at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Each year John and Vicki travel around the world teaching the latest concepts in defensive marksmanship and tactics. 

Subjects include:

  • Instructional technique
  • Managing a Class
  • Identifying instructional issues and individual problems
  • Coaching students
  • Fielding questions
  • Safety issues
  • Running a class and adhering to the scenario.

Students will perform a number of shooting drills and be lectured/coached by other students. Students will be called upon to prepare an immediate lesson plan and deliver a number of off-the-cuff lectures.

Students will become familiar with DTI live-fire drills and range procedures.

In order to qualify for this Course, students need to have successfully completed previous professional training from us or other competent sources.


Required equipment:

  • Required number of rounds of pistol ammunition is 500
  • Students will need at least two magazines or speed loaders
  • Eye (safety glasses) 
  • Hearing protection
  • A sturdy belt,
  • A high-quality, concealable belt holster
  • Magazine/speed loader carriers
  • A baseball cap,
  • Rain gear.

We can work with all serious pistol calibers. Permitted are 38Spl, 357Mg, 380Auto, 9mm, 9X23, 357Sig, 40S&W, 45GAP, 45ACP. Not permitted are 22 rimfire, 25Auto, 32Auto, and 5.7X28.

All our holster work is from concealment.

Instructed by John Farnam.

Upcoming Classes

April 21&22

Defensive Training Solutions

2855 Stone Circle Dr.

Troy, OH 45373


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