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World Class Pistol Skills With Robert Vogel

World Class Pistol Skills Taught By Robert Vogelbuildingpistolskills

In this course the student will be given the insight into what it takes to develop truly World Class shooting skills. 

Starting out with the fundamentals and then delving into a heavy dose of technique that goes well beyond the basics.

The student will learn the dynamics involved in driving a pistol to the highest level.  This course is designed around the

ultimate and equal balance of accuracy and speed that is applicable just as much to LE/Military training as it is to competition.  

Aside from the techniques and skills taught this course also has aspects that require the student to truly “think” while operating

on a course of fire.  A balance between competitive shooting and tactical applications will be maintained. 

That being said, performing under pressure is paramount.  Outside of actual real life situations competition is one of the few ways

pressure can truly be induced.  If you carry or use a handgun in any way, shape or form you will benefit from this course.


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bobby127Bio: Robert Vogel
Robert is the only Law Enforcement Officer ever to win World and National Championships in the Practical Pistol disciplines of IPSC, IDPA and USPSA.  He was born and raised on a farm in rural Ohio and from a very young age shooting, hunting and the outdoors truly became a way of life for him.  Always being somewhat of a thrill-seeker, while in his mid-teens the Law Enforcement profession sparked his interest.  After graduating high school he went immediately into a 2 year Police Academy Program.  It was also at this time that he began actually competing in Practical shooting competitions.  At present Robert is now a 3-time World and 23-time National Champion across 3 disciplines of Practical shooting.  Besides this he has also been a Police Officer for over 13 years.  Eight and a half of those years were spent as a full-time street cop while also being a member of the Counties joint department SWAT team. (Kenton, Ohio)  During that tenure he was as well one of the Departments and SWAT teams firearms instructors. 

This is not a beginners course.


Equipment list:



Mag pouches 2+

Spare magazines 2+

500+ rounds of ammunition

Upcoming Class 

May 21st 2017 9:00-5:00

Defensive Training Solutions
2855 Stone Circle Dr. 
Troy, OH  45373


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