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Home Security Surveys

homesecurity2A Home Security Audit is an important step you can take to decrease the likelihood that your home is not targeted for criminal activity. Properly preparing your home to minimize burglary or home invasion and being prepared in case one does occur could save your life.

As a community service to our customers we will provide an on-site home security audit of your residence. Below are just some of the items discussed during an on-site visit, you may use this as a guide for your own home safety measures. These are just some of the steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that you or your home is not targeted.

  • Doors & Windows
  • Garage Doors
  • Home Alarms
  • Gas & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Perimeter Security
  • Lighting
  • Safe Rooms
  • Locks & Harware
  • Fire Safety
  • Much More....

We will cover much more during our audit and will answer any questions of concern, help you design a safe room for you and your family, alarm systems, phone lines and much more. Contact us today!. (Please plan on at least 2 hours for the survey.)

At the end of our audit you will receive a detail report with a checklist of action items you might want to consider implementing for the security and safety of yourself and your family. The Audit also comes with an NRA Refuse to be a Victim Student Packet which will also enable you to create a personal protection plan for your safety at home, at work, in your car, while you travel and more.

Considering the importance that most families place on smoke detectors and fire escape plans, it’s worth knowing that you are more than three times as likely to be the victim of a violent crime than you are to be the victim of a residential fire, and you are more than 58 times as likely to be assaulted than you are to be injured in a home fire.

Cost for in home security survey: $175*

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